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3 S Bartending was founded by Shantell Spearman,


a bartender herself since 1994, who noticed that there


was a complete lack of qualified bartenders and event


staff available to work the many events in the


Houston and surrounding areas.  When you ask other event professionals,


they will tell you that there has never been


a Bartending service that consistently provides qualified


professionally trained bartenders and event


staff.  Now there is acompany that focuses on providing


highly qualified, fun, and likeable bartenders


and event staff.  3 S Bartending strives to help you plan


and provide the best and right amount of


alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for your event.


These days, there simply is too much liability involved when alcohol is part of an


event. As the host, you are ultimately responsible for your guests, even the ones who


go away drunk. Though no one can prevent you from being sued, we can and do take


front-line defense when contracted to BARTEND an event. Our staff is trained to


recognize potential problems, slow down or cut off heavy drinkers, check for ID's and


maintain a professional yetf un atmosphere at your event. We are there to protect


everyone's interests while providing you and your guests with a professionally run


bar. It is our job to practice responsible alcohol awareness. We will refuse to serve


anyone who in our judgment, has had enough to drink. We do not allow anyone


other than our staff to serve drinks to guests, especially guests who have been cut


off. All bartenders have been certified by theTexas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

3 S BARTENDING   832-392-6729

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